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Marti Higgins
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  • Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. My paintings are about the beautiful things I see all around me. I find joy in observing the natural and organic, the woods, gardens and weather. I notice where objects touch, overlap, or separate. The structure of trees and the interplay of branches and limbs is a frequent theme. I am interested in the spaces in between! I abstract my compositions to emphasize what stands out or draws my attention. My technique includes the use of reference photographs but mostly I paint from memories such as the way the sun lit a rock, a tree held its limbs or colors looked in relationship to one another. My artwork has been purchased by: Cuyahoga County Administration Building, Swift Filter, Metro Health Hospital, Flour Restaurant, Nordson Corporation, Cleveland State University, Fairmount Mineral, PNC Bank, Dollar Bank, Marriott Hotel, Glidden House, Private Collections - St. Louis, MO, Hudson, OH and Cleveland, OH. Marti's art an be purchased through GrayHaus Studios and Art Source, Cleveland. More work can be viewed at, link above.

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Check out my work at The Artists of Cleveland & see what Grayhauss Studios is up to!

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It's Her Nature!

Excited to be included in the show at the Beachwood Community Center in Beachwood,  OH, March 5-28 2016